About me

I have spent the past 20 years or so in corporate America, trying marketing yet landing in the bewildering world of Information Technology.

In 2015, I decided to try something I have always dreamed of. Writing.

I started in June. I took classes, webinars and met some amazing friends and early in 2016, I finished the first draft of my debut novel. I have now begun the process of submitting query letters to agents.

I can’t fully describe the feeling of adding those final two words to the draft…The End. Exhilarating comes to mind. It was a huge accomplishment. And I realized two things: 1) with focus, I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, and 2) I love to write.

I have an amazing husband who supports me every single day, and a wildly, creative son who keeps me to the brim with ideas. Stay tuned…more to come.