The Black Widow

One of the very first things I did today was kill a black widow.

I’m not a fan of killing living creatures, so the first thought that crossed my mind was to leave it be. The spider had a nice, safe position under the workout bench in our garage. If I were to leave it be, it’s possible this little guy could hide in that bench and bite someone later. I couldn’t live with that thought because I’m not the only one who uses our garage gym.

So I resorted to handling the problem as best I could. I retrieved a can of Super 77 from the cabinet and sprayed the guy until he could no longer move. I then scraped the frozen mess, using a paint scraper, into a huge pile of paper towels which I discarded into the trash can.

Problem solved.

However…is the spider really dead? Or will she come back to haunt me with frozen, sticky legs and wide goopey eyes, teeth sharp and chomping?

This could be a book.